Dry Thermal Cutting

Yet another specialty of the C.O.W. Diving Company bv is the operation of the thermal lance.

This tool, which utilizes pressurized oxygen to create very high working temperatures, has a number of uses:

  • Cutting sheet piling, the thermal lance can sometimes operate more quickly and cost-effectively than other methods.
  • The demolition of heavy steel structures can be achieved in just a fraction of the time of a cutting torch, which again results in significant cost-savings.
  • Consider the advantages when faced with obstructions, detours/diversions, and other applications where heavy equipment is needed (also resulting in a longer hiring period).
  • The cutting of structures composed of doubled steel, stainless steel and various other alloys presents no problems when the thermal lance is skillfully employed.
  • In the shipping and construction /maintenance industries, a common problem with building cranes is the removal of overly rusted or worn shafts. We have the capability to remove these shafts very quickly and effectively, without damage to delicate bearings or housings.

76 - Thermische lans - Normaal

77 - Thermische lans2 - Normaal

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